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New Special For Sale: 5 Lesson Beginner's Package

One of the most common issues I run into with new students is that they have the desire to learn, but have no idea what specifically they want to know. And with so many dances available to learn, I certainly don't blame them!

This is why I've started offering a brand new package on my website! In this new $350 package ($25 off regular price), new students will receive 5 private lessons where they will be given a crash course in five different dances (Fox Trot, Tango, Rumba, Waltz, and either East Coast Swing or Salsa).

This package is meant to wet the feet of new students and help them make an informed decision about what they want to focus on in classes after that point. If you've been hesitating due to indecision or just not knowing where to start, let this new beginner package be your salvation!

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