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Massive Update: Port Orchard Dance is Moving!!!

Alright, everyone, I know you've been waiting patiently for an update ever since I had to make the announcement that our Port Orchard classes were on hiatus. If you've attended any of my remaining classes within the last couple of weeks, you'll know that I've been a busy little dancer... err, bee. Well, your patience is being rewarded because I can finally announce that a new rental contract has been signed and Port Orchard Dance has a brand new home! Scroll down for all the details on where we're headed along with some other necessary changes that are being implemented as of today (May 1st, 2024).

Where Are We Headed: Treetop Village KIDS (1735 Village Lane SE, Port Orchard, WA)

New Hours:

Monday: 6pm - 9pm

Tuesday: Closed (Group Classes in Bremerton)

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 6pm - 9pm

Friday: 6pm - 9pm

Saturday: 2pm - 9pm

Sunday: 2pm - 9pm

New Prices:

Unfortunately with a new space comes a new rental rate which means private lessons will be increased in price by $10/lesson. Here are the new rates as of today (May 1st):

private lesson (1): $85

private lessons (5): $375

private lessons (10): $750

wedding package (5 lessons): $425

wedding package (10 lessons): $850

wedding package (10 lessons + choreographed routine): $1,100

Group class rates will remain the same ($75/person for beginner group classes, $100/person for intermediate classes).

I hope you all will come out to help celebrate the new location! Look for new group class listings to go live this weekend!

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