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2024 Group Class Schedule, Price Changes and More

I hope everyone is enjoying this cooler weather we've been having lately! With that said, the day that many (some? a few?) of you have been waiting for... the 2024 group class schedule is now live on this site and you can register for new classes starting right now!

For those who don't want to wade through all the class images on the main page, here it is broken down for everyone (so feel free to bookmark this entry). Please note the new start time for Port Orchard along with the reveal that intermediate classes are returning starting after the first session(s) of the year. Also, please note that these dates are subject to change:


January 13 - February 10: Beginner East Coast Swing

February 17 - March 17: Beginner Tango

February 17 - March 17: Intermediate East Coast Swing

March 23 - April 20: Beginner Rumba

March 23 - April 20: Intermediate Tango

April 27 - May 25: Beginner Fox Trot

April 27 - May 25: Intermediate Rumba

June 1 - June 29: Beginner Waltz

June 1 - June 29: Intermediate Fox Trot

July 6 - August 3: Beginner Cha Cha

July 6 - August 3: Intermediate Waltz


January 9 - February 6: Beginner Salsa

February 13 - March 12: Beginner Fox Trot

February 13 - March 12: Intermediate Salsa

March 19 - April 16: Beginner Cha Cha

March 19 - April 16: Intermediate Fox Trot

April 23 - May 21: Beginner Waltz

April 23 - May 21: Intermediate Cha Cha

May 28 - June 25: Beginner Tango

May 28 - June 25: Intermediate Waltz

July 2 - July 30: Beginner Rumba

July 2 - July 30: Intermediate Tango

Drop In Policy

Up until now, I've hesitated to let people "drop in" on group classes, but I am changing that policy. IF there is space left in a class, I will allow people to drop in on a week to week basis. The cost of one (1) beginner group class will be $15, while the intermediate classes will run $20 per single class.


Now with the good news, comes the bad/unfortunate news. While private lessons will continue to be sold at the same price as usual (if paid for all at once, more on this in a second). As of this post going live, beginner group classes will now cost $75/person and intermediate group classes will cost $100/person. This will cover you for the entire five week session as usual.

In addition to the rise in group class prices, it has also been decided to raise the rate of monthly payment plans. You'll be able to see this change reflected on the appropriate pages very soon if not right away.

If you have any questions regarding any of our upcoming classes, price changes, or anything else, please feel free to email me at:

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