– Do I need a partner to sign up for lessons?
Absolutely not! If you have a partner, great but if don’t have anyone to sign up with that’s totally alright too. There are tricks of the trade that we can do in order to make sure that you have a partner to dance with as much as possible.

– Will I be forced to rotate partners [in the group classes]?
No. I never force anyone to rotate to different partners if they are not comfortable with it and would rather just dance with the person they arrived with. However, please keep in mind that dancing with multiple people is to your benefit as you will certainly be forced into dancing with different people as you progress throughout your dance career and you’ll have to be able to adjust to their leading/following style. But in the end, if you don’t want to change partners that’s totally fine and acceptable.

– How good will I become after completing one of your group classes?
That depends entirely on you. NO ONE is going to enter one of my group classes and exit as an expert who never has to practice again but I try to make sure that by the time you leave one of my group classes you’re at least comfortable enough with the basics that you can enjoy going out and having a good time.


– I can’t afford to pay [X amount] for a package of private lessons all at once. Do you have any payment plans?
Yes. Contact me privately for more details.

– Do you recommend private lessons?
Again, that depends on you. If you’re finding that group classes are moving at too fast of a pace for you and you want to take things at your own learning pace than yes I do. If you find a dance that you love but don’t want to wait six months for me to offer it again in a group class setting than yes I do. If you want to learn more than just a couple of basic steps and become an above average dancer who can lead/follow anyone who asks than yes I do.
My job is not to twist anyone’s arm into spending hundreds of dollars on learning on how to dance. That’s your decision to make. My job is to make sure that the hundreds of dollars that you do spend is a wise investment in your future happiness, health and well being.


– What type of shoes should be worn?

If you’re just starting out, wear whatever is comfortable. If all you have is rubber soled sneakers that’s fine but keep in mind that it will make certain dances much harder. Smooth leather or suede soles are MUCH better for dancing in and you can usually find an affordable pair at Payless or a second hand store if you’re on a tight budget.

– Can I just dance in socks?
Technically yes but I advise against it for multiple reasons.
One: it’s not very sanitary.
Two: You run the risk of serious injury including stone bruises and even twisted ankles if you step wrong or get stepped on by another dancer.
– Where do I go when I’m ready for proper dance shoes?
For my money, I go with www.DanceShoesOnline.com. They have an awesome selection, great prices and are generally pretty fast with their shipping.
– Are there any accessories I should get when placing my order?
DO NOT forget to pick up a shoe brush!
– Will you help me pick out a cute pair of shoes?
YES! I LOVE shoe shopping with my students! ^_^
– I can’t find a babysitter but still want to attend classes, can I bring my children?
I am more than happy to allow students to bring well behaved children to the studio. So long as they are not disruptive to the class, they are more than welcome to hang out in the waiting room area and play to their heart’s content until the end of class.
– What is your favorite dance?
Probably Salsa followed by Rumba. I used to love swing but my personal instructor instilled a love of Latin dance in me that continues to follow me to this day.
Updated 10/3/16