New Drop In Ballroom and Salsa Classes Opening Soon!

drop-in-announcement-2Have you ever wanted to attend one of my Friday night Ballroom or Salsa classes but just haven’t been able to for whatever reason? Are you more available in the afternoons than you are in the evenings? Wow, do I have some great news for you!

Port Orchard Dance is happy to announce two brand new classes which will be offered at Academy of Dance starting the last full week of October!

Starting Tuesday the 25th at 4pm, I will be offering a brand new weekly drop in Ballroom class. This will be a purely drop in class that requires absolutely zero regular commitment from you. The dances will rotate from week to week and you’re welcome to attend as many or as few as you like (though for every 5 classes you attend, you’ll get 1 free).

Then the fun continues at 5pm with a drop in Salsa class. Just like with the Ballroom class, this drop in class will require absolutely regular commitment from you. Show up when you like, when you are able or even just when you feel like it (though once again, I have to remind you that for every 5 you attend you will get 1 for free).

Each drop in class will run a simple $10 and will run every single week (barring events such as holidays, etc).

I’m incredibly excited to offer these new classes to everyone out there and I hope that you will check out one of these classes once they officially launch!