Tips For A Successful First Dance Class

So you’ve decided to sign up for dance classes. Awesome! You might not realize it but you’ve just taken the first step (if you’ll forgive the pun) towards a future filled with fun times. However some of you might have never even stepped onto a dance floor before in your life and don’t know what to expect from your first class. In this post I’m going to lay out some guidelines for you on how to make your first dance class a successful one!

Show Up Ready to Have Fun – If you show up to your class with a bad attitude you’re already wasting your time. Dancing can be difficult but if you show up with an attitude that says ‘I can’t do this’ you’ve already lost the battle before you’ve even started.

Wear Appropriate Shoes – Ballroom dancing requires a certain level of sliding ability which means you should not wear rubber soled shoes under any circumstances! You want shoes with leather soles that will allow you to glide across the dance floor. For the ladies, heels are not required. Wear shoes that you’re comfortable in to start in and worry about picking up professional dance heels later.

Dress for the Occasion – You don’t have to dress to the nines but remember that dancing is a physical activity so leave the jeans at home. Wear clothes that will breathe and allow you to sweat without becoming exceedingly uncomfortable.

Personal Hygiene – Speaking of sweating; remember that you’re going to be in close contact with other people so take care of your body before you arrive. Not wearing deodorant can make you an unpleasant person to be partnered with. This also applies to wearing very scents such as cologne and perfume. As the expression goes, a little dab will do ya.

Bring Water – Don’t be afraid to bring some water with you to keep yourself hydrated while you’re dancing. No one wants to see someone overwork themselves to the point of passing out from dehydration.

And that’s it really. Dancing is a wonderful hobby to take up but like all hobbies, a little preparation will carry you a long way particularly when you’re first starting.

Happy dancing everyone!